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Poster: glenn Date: Jun 3, 2005 9:43am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: best grateful dead show ever?

EDIT: You might be downloading all of the files in the folder, like all the .shn AND .mp3 versions etc too, if it's taking longer over all ... you only need the lossless ones, the mp3s are best used for a quick review of whether you want to spend the time downloading the .shn or .flac versions. Unless you are making mp3 discs for your mp3 player for jogging or juggling or whatever...(end edit)
probably not. ftp is at least as fast, and more reliable, it will resume a broken download without having to start over.

What seems likely is maybe that there are 4 threads running at the same time or something, so its downloading 4 tracks at once, but that still is ok, by downloading using multiple threads, it uses more of your bandwidth at once and overall, the show will download faster... but individual tracks will take (a little less than) 4 times (or however many threads are running at once) as long.

To change all of those settings, you go to tools>settings look on the 'queue' section...
for most sites there is a limit to how many times you can connect without being rude, when bandwidth is an issue. Compared to how fast you can download though, essentially has 'infinite' bandwidth, so pretty much you can connect as many times as is efficient. I usually set 'max threads per site' to 2, and 'max threads total' to somewhere between 6 and 10. When set that way, I can be downloading 3 shows from 3 servers, and still not connecting to any one server more than twice (I download from a lot of private servers) 2 connections is usually tolerable even on a busy site, unless told otherwise. for what it's worth I have a fairly robust asynchronous dsl (from dslextreme, a local company in the San Fernando Valley that I really am pleased with) at about 170 Kilobytes per second download and about 1/3 to 1/2 that when uploading.

using a dialup modem, it took me about 2 days for a big show to download, now though, I can download a show a bit faster than I can listen to one.

what Op system are you using? what's your connection speed? if you have a lot more questions, or some difficulties, email me and I'll see what I can do, or start a thread 'smartftp question', maybe in the FAQs forum. Let's leave this thread to the 'best shows topic'.

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Poster: Chubalicious Date: Jul 22, 2009 8:54am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: best grateful dead show ever?

I think the Cornell (Barton hall) the May 77 show that everyone says is the best, is excellent for sure. The Best? naa, Definitely fire, or should i say scarlet > fire. Also that 4-25-71 show is sick, but the day after (4-26) is when Duane Allman sat in on set 2 for "Sugar Mags", and played slide on "it hurts me too" and "BIODTL". That to me is my favorite, because I never got to hear Jerry, Duane, and Pigpen Jam. Another Gem is set 2 of the Denver Coliseum, 11-20-73. We get lifted and melted on that one. Best Stella Blue of all times, Best Dead song of all times. I cant say 8-27-72 isnt my favorite either, a month or so after Pigpens last show.